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Local Panel Discussion on COVID-19's Mental Health Impacts on Iowans

A local panel discussion on COVID-19's impact on Iowans' Mental health will be held at the Van Miller Adult Learning Center, 120 Jefferson St. The panel discussion will be held from 12 to 1 p.m. on Thursday May 19th. Mental health topics discussed could be helpful for concerned children, students, employees & community members.

Guest speakers will include Steve Carignan, associate dean of the College of Humanities at the University of Northern Iowa, Tom Eachus, director of the Black Hawk-Grundy Mental Health Center, Jennifer Schneiderman, director of the UNI Counseling Center, Deanna Shafer, mental health therapist, Army Colonel (retired) Heidi Warrington chair of the Black Hawk County Veteran Commission; and Representative Timi Brown-Powers.

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