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Waterloo, Iowa

The Center for Educational Transformational research and development projects are directed to solve long-existing complex problems related to equity, diversity, disparities, education, health, and culture.


Our work is informed by solving complex issues that impede individuals, communities, and systems (organizations) from thriving, flourishing, and being well in all aspects of life. 


Each project that is co-designed and product co-developed must be culturally relevant, improve individuals and organizations, be transformational, underscore equity, and can be sustained.

Our Core Values

We believe that community members are the experts on the topic we are exploring. 

We believe that the community members are equal partners in the process. 

We believe that projects will not be successful unless research and projects are led by community members and partners. 


Our core values include a laser-like focus on equity, diversity, improvement, and transformation.

Our Current Projects 

Our projects focus on the separate and combined effects of education, healthy, culture (broadly defined), and equity. 

Our Ultimate Goal 

Our ultimate goal is to work with communities to create and share research that is actionable, useful, and racially and culturally relevant and that matters.

What We Do

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